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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Religion and God: Is There a Difference

My parents go to church every Sunday. When I was little I used to go to Sunday school every week. Back then it was fun. I got to hang out with friends, play games, hear stories, and sing songs.

Although, it seemed to me as the older I got the less I understood why they made me go. Every Sunday my parents would dress me up in a pretty dress and take me to church, but the question is why? When I was about 12 I asked them and they told me, “Because we have to. We’re Christians and that’s what they do, go to church on Sunday’s, and you will too.”

For the next year I went to church solely because my parents told me to. The more I went because I had to the more bored I got with it and the more I didn’t want to continue going. So, when I was 13 I stopped going. Basically I told my parents it was pointless and I wasn’t going to go if it didn’t matter to me.

Then some time last week I found a flyer in my brothers store. (he lets people post flyers on a bulletin board near the door)

Interested in God, But Not Religion!
Live Rock Worship Music!
Come as You Are!
Saturday Night 7:00 pm
The Rock Church
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The flyer caught my interest and I decided I wanted to go and check it out.

Of course I couldn’t convince any of my friends to go with me. They were all too busy going to a party to go with me. Patch got someone to watch the store that night and he went with me.

The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was the pool table, off to my left, and the Christian books for sale, to my left. Then there was the coffee. They were giving coffee to the people for free. It was good coffee too.

When the service started it began with worship music. It wasn’t the played out, heard a million times before, hymns. I’m not saying that’s bad, but this music got me listening and not just to the music.

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The lead singer of the band (who happens to be one of the Pastors at the church) started talking about how God is Holy. More so that God is perfect in every way, and we as humans aren’t perfect. That was fairly obvious. Since God is perfect and we are not we can’t get to him on our own. That’s when he went into how much God loves those he created. John 3:16-17 NIV “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.”

Listening to him say these words with the conviction and passion that he did it was hard not to believe in what he said.
Another song:

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After the music a different Pastor came on stage and gave the message (sermon). I won’t go into what the message was about that would take too long, but I will say listening to him talk was a whole new experience as to what church is.
I remember the sermons I sat through at my parents church were long and boring. In all honesty they made me want to go back to bed. But at The Rock it was the complete opposite. Not only did it keep my interest but at times it made me laugh. Most importantly what he was saying made sense to me. I truly understood what he was trying to say. Yet in the dozens of times I went to my parents church I didn’t get the point they were trying to make.
I remember that the Lord’s Prayer was a prayer I used to say every Sunday, but I never really remembered or thought of it after. Then I heard this song, and it made it so much more memorable.

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Really the point here is that there is a difference between God and religion. At least to me now there is. Religion to me was going to church every Sunday because I was supposed to . Calling myself a Christian because my parents said they were. Doing the things on the Do List and not doing the things on the Don’t List. A list of rules and regulations that’s what religion is.
When I say God what I mean is the opposite of what I just described. This church is exactly what religion should be. They go to church because they want to be there, not because they have to. They want to worship God and be around others who want to do the same
I think for now on Saturday nights you’ll find me at The Rock Church. Let me leave you with one more rocking song:

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Jennifer J said...

There is a difference between one's spirituality and belief in God, and how, when or where one practices a faith.

I feel closest to God by the lake.

moooooog35 said...

Personally, unless you're getting married or dying, you won't see me in a church. It's not that it was stuffed down my Catholic throat as a child, it's just that the entire episode from start to finish does not hold my attention. I often wished I was born African American - because they look like they have WAY MORE FUN in their churches (I don't ever remember anyone doing backflips when I went to a mass..that would have been cool.)

My daughter just started her second year of Catholic school, and we've been advised of two things by the church:

1) We should start attending masses
2) We need to donate money

What is really sad about this, is that during enrollment of my daughter, we were told that donating money to the church should be considered a requirement. The woman working for the church, who was brutally honest to us, told us (and I quote): "This is a business."


I'll teach my kids about God and Jesus, and everything else that I grew up with - but more for teaching them HOW they should live rather than WHY they should live it. And I'll keep my money or give it to someone who actually needs it, thankyouverymuch.

Hopefully, your concerts are free. If they're not, then you can probably bet that the pastor is spending your money on a new drum set to get his message across for the following week.

I wrote a blog on my site called "The God Guy" - which is basically about one of my coworkers who is just a little over the top on the whole thing. Might be worth a read to you - might not. At least I won't charge you for it.


Robert Ninja said...

Well, I told you I'd stop being anonymous in my last post...

So anyway. As for The Rock Church. I guess it's the new tactic to stop people becoming atheist. Seems to be working, too. Well, if you're going to go over in your mind about is god real or all that, then you have a lot of life to live.

If you're just going because it's a laugh... well, you're a smart girl. Get the most out of the things religious people slave over so much ha ha ha! *Evil Laugh and eyes*

Audios, kid!

Bella said...

If you had not gone to church when you were young (as I did) you would have nothing to question. and God's whole purpose is for us to question and choose (make right choices for us). We are what we do (read, eat, see...). I loved your comment about the 'dos' and 'don'ts' never stops!
Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I dont really have any beliefs but I find others opinions interesting. And, I also LOVE the sims! Keep up the good work! I would love your opinion on a poll I have going on my blog at the moment as well, and also what you think of my bloggings!

miss mioaw said...

Well, now how do u feel about God? I don't have a religion but I am kind of religious( I'mm mixed race.) But I wouldn't think too deeply about God-he's more serious then we humans would think and not something you discuss. Do u want 2 check out my blog:

bRaT said...

Religion is a way of life.. it's a set of rules... it's so structured, people start putting so much stock into religion that they often forget the purpose of religion... Religion is made by man... So yes, there is a difference...

Religion, today, is a tool more than a pathway to God... it shouldn't be like that... but it is... because every religion emerges pure... and it always emerges as "The message from God"... people see fit to twist the message to fit their needs...

The rock church seems really nice, but i just hope it doesn't get twisted... sooner or later...