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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Poem

I find it harder to live each day on my own
And it becomes harder each day
You offered Your help
You sent me Your grace

But I ran from You
As far as I could go
No matter how far
No matter how hard I tried
I could never go so far
As to be away from You

The more I ran
The more You’d chase after me
My days became hard
My nights became long
And I couldn’t sleep without You

I need you because I can’t live without you
Cause You are my God
And I live for You
You are my God
And I breath for You
You are my God
And I’ll worship You
From now until eternity


Seeker said...

Wow nice poem ! not that Im an expert or anything but I like it :)
Just a suggestion : dunno if it's the font that is responsible , but on some sentance like :You offered Your help
don't know like I said if it was the font OR it's like : you offered YOUR help...
Just an exemple anyway..dunno..felt like it was the Y-our wich is ..err..nevermind..the poem was great and Im gonna go trought my english suck lol
Best wishes :)
I know..what about this :
I find it harder to live each day on my own
And it becomes harder every time i take a breath...


Mae said...

very nice poem and so full of meaning......great. said...

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Popin said...

Nice poem, I'm not Christian (Different religion), but I love how you are showing your love to God. Out of everyone He deserves it.

Also, I love the title of your blog first off. Very funny!

ArsenicAlice said...

okayso you definitely have a real talent with poetry

JThomas said...

Keep writing. You are off to a great start!


MTwist said...


That was beautiful.
You know, I happen to be into
poetry. It's nice to see that
someone else is too.

I just got my acount today, so
I would love it if you checked
it out.


Mae said...

RIGHT RIGHT....I find it harder to live each day on my own. IMPOSSIBLE. God bless...thanks for stopping by.