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Monday, September 29, 2008

Maybe I'm Just Paranoid But...

I know it's been awhile since I last posted anything, but I'm back. I've been so busy with school work it's not even funny, and coming from me that saying something. Seeing as how I like school. Maybe not homework so much, but just school in general.

This year there's a new girl in school. Her name is Cassandra, but she goes by Cassie. She's absolutely gorgeous. You know how a long time ago I mentioned how beautiful my best friend Posie is, well you could say she's even more beautiful. Or just in different ways. It's not just looks she has either, she's got brains as well. She's in a lot of my advanced placement classes as well.

Oh, and don't forget the fact that she's trying to steal my friends. Yeah, I know that sounds all third grade and immature (and I have had people tell me that already), but it's completely true. She sits with us every day at lunch. That might not seem so bad, but let me tell you about it. When I get to the table everyone is already there, talking and laughing, having a great time. The second I sit down they stop talking about whatever it was they were talking about, with a complete subject change. Wait, I haven't reached the best part yet. What happens when I ask them what they're talking about? Cassie looks over at me condescendingly and tells me it was nothing, and I shouldn't worry about it. I wasn't worrying, your crazy .... (I'm not even going to say what I was thinking, but you know.)

Of course I would ask Posie, every time, what they were talking about and why it was just a secret. She, being my best friend, would tell me what they had been talking about and it wasn't even great conversation. So, my question is then why is Cassie not allowing me to join in the conversation? My guess would be that for some reason, that I can't fathom, she just does not like me. The real question is though, if she doesn't like me why is she spending so much time with my friends? I don't know, but I'll keep you posted.

What people think of the situation:

  • Posie- She's new and she doesn't know anyone so I should give her the benefit of the doubt, and not think she's out to get me.
  • Patch- That I'm being paranoid. I need to stop seeing what I want to see and see what's really there. Easy for him to say he's never met her, and seen how she acts towards me.
  • Jonah- That I'm probably right and she's out to get me. She wants to steal my friends and my life. Of course after he says this he start laughing uncontrollably. Can I really listen to what he says? I mean you do remember who Jonah is right?

Well all until next time have a great week, and don't get into too much trouble.
I love you all, Tal.


Stained Glass Masquerade said...

Hey, I just started reading your blog. I love your poems! If I could, I would write some. But unfortunately, I can't. Oh well. Lol. Cassie may or may not be out to get you. But as long as your friends stay true to you and not leave you for Cassie, than you have nothing to worry about. Just keep your cool.

Robert Ninja said...

She probably just doesn't like you or perhaps is jealous. That's the worst situation, anyway. I wouldn't assume she's THAT good looking. I mean... she's a girl and she's new so probably packing on make-up + best clothes to look good for first impressions. Girls are like that usually. She's got brains, huh? You can't tell after such short time. You'll find out if she's really a smart one further in the year.

How about stop asking what people are talking about while they're in the middle of it and YOU change the subject since everyone seems to be silent when ya get there.

Take that silence and use it to talk about whatever ya want. That should put some social power back into your role in whatever little social situations you get yourself into in your relatively normal life.

DGMesner said...

I wouldn't worry about this too much. Now, if she dyes her hair to look like yours or gets all Single White Female on you, you may want to become concerned.
Just know, if all of the stalker movies are any indication, you should never start making general accusations or gesticulating wildly because that is how the stalker will get all of your friends and family to turn against you.
All kidding aside, I can give you one other tidbit of advice: this too shall pass. When you're young and in this type of situation, you think this is huge and that it is crucial to your future to have all the drama worked out. Take it from me because I know, ten years from now you probably won't remember a lot of these girls' names. I'm twenty-seven now and the people that made me want to make general accusations and gesticulate wildly, are no longer a blip on the radar. That can be comforting, but it can also be kind of sad, so value this time as best as you can.

Brian said...

I'm sure jealousy is definitely a potential reason. I wouldn't sweat it. Everyone is beautiful in their unique way.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. why don't you just ask her if you have offended her in anyway and see what the problem is. Tell her how it makes you feel when she cuts you out of the conversation. Who knows, maybe she will open up. She probably feels insecure being the new person.

Latsyrcatek said...

Obviously you are concerned, but you have no need to be, unless you let her. Your friends, are your friends nobody can take that from you, or just try to get to the table before her. cheers!

Vincent Robleto said...

smack her across the head with your lunch tray next time she trys to pull something.

Life Outside A Mask said...

Ok this is my new blog. Don't go to the other one because it doesnt have a blog anymore. I don't know what happened.

Lily W said...

9 out of ten it's not paranoia. And, probably she needs lot of approval and she's very insecure. Poverina. Like your blog, btw. :-)

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I wouldn't let Cassie get to me......If she's not friendly towards you, then who cares? You don't need her. As long as you can still keep the friends you have now, there's really nothing to worry about.

Secrets said...

Don't worry yourself with Cassie. She probably is out to get your friends, but as long as you remain who you are your friend's won't go anywhere. Plus, it'll bother her more if you act like it isn't bothering you.