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Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Little Bit of Paradise

The best thing about the weekend isn’t getting away from school. (In a purely educational sense I love learning. Really I do like school.) No, the best thing about the weekend is getting away from the soap opera called school. I’ve been in school for just under a week and, despite the fact that I like school, I already can’t stand the drama.

The main topics of conversation among my peers are; who the newest couples are. Who are still together. Who broke up with whom. Who cheated on whom. Last but certainly not least, (among the male population) who the easiest girls are.

As you can see it’s fairly obvious why my two day retreat from the never ending world of gossip. Although, getting away from the kids at school isn’t just an abstract type of paradise. It’s not my bit of paradise anyway especially if it’s in my house with my parents.

Saturday morning I stumbled out of bed around noon. As I poured myself a bowl of Coco Pebbles my mother came into the kitchen. My mother of course had been up since 8:oo am, and looked perfect to start her day. (Cause she wouldn’t fathom leaving the house if she didn’t look absolutely perfect.)

“Honestly Talbot, it’s such a beautiful day outside it’s such a shame to sleep till noon. I swear you’d waste your entire day away sleeping if given the chance. You doing anything with you friends this weekend?” my mother asked this question just as I shoveled a spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

I tried to tell her I had no plans for the day, but all that came out was a mumbled mess. I wiped the milk that had leaked down my chin with the back of my hand.

I wasn’t at all surprised when my mother looked disgusted. She looked down at me, as if to scold a child, “For heavens sake haven’t your father and I taught you any better? You do not talk with food in your mouth.” (She said it as if it were an absolute fact, no to be contradicted, and with my mother it’s not something you want to do often.)

“I said I don’t have any plans for today, or this weekend for that matter.”

“Well why not?” my mother huffed. “Why don’t you do something with your friends?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet, maybe I will.” I knew of course that I wasn’t going to do anything with my friends. I had just told my mother that to get her off my back. I would’ve never heard the end of it if my mother knew I was avoiding my friends for the weekend.

Thankfully she left me alone after that and I slowly got ready for the day. It was around 1:30 pm before I was headed out the door, for the bus stop.

I’m getting distracted. I was talking about paradise, or my paradise at the very least. As I stepped off the bus, the sun shinning down on my bare shoulders, I was only a block away from paradise itself. Thankfully the was a bus stop just a block away fore the store. Otherwise it would’ve been such a nuisance having to walk further.

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Play Song Now

It’s as if when I walk through the door of Music: Then and Now my problems just disappear. ’Video Killed the Radio Star’ was blaring through the speakers. Patch’s three band mates were hanging around. (They always seem to be there, as if they have no where else to be.) Sullivan, Sully, is one kick ass drummer. Jake plays lead guitar along with my brother. Donovan, Van, plays bass guitar and sings back up. They play some amazing music together, I haven’t missed a show of theirs yet.

“Hey Mercy, how’s it going?” Jake bellowed over the music as I came in. (The three of them started calling me Mercy for two reasons 1.) it’s like my last name, Mercer and 2.) whenever I play music in the store that they can’t stand I get the same response, “No, heaven have mercy.” Hence the name Mercy.

“Good now that I’m here, Jake,” I smiled.

So, naturally I got the same response from them when I switched the music. They all had something not so nice to say about it when they hear the Jonas Brothers, S.O.S. start to play.

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New Song Now

Being a huge Jonas Brothers fan myself, (I know boy bands aren’t cool anymore, but I like what I like and no one can change that) I started singing right along with the song. The guys looked at me as if I was mental. Hell maybe I was but right then I could’ve cared less.

As the second song started to play I saw Van look over my shoulder. “Patch, please I’m begging you make her turn it off.”

“Sorry guys, you know the rules. You know how it is,” I heard Patch from right behind me. “Tal gets to play whatever music she wants on the weekends.”

“But we can’t take it,” Sully replied, “it’s killing my brain cells as we speak.”

“Stop being so melodramatic, Sullivan,” Patch ordered. “Hey, Tally, how’s my favorite little sister?”

“You mean your only little sister,” I pointed out.

“You don’t have to get so technical, Tal. Besides, you’d still be my favorite,” and he leaned down to kiss me on the cheek.

Despite the 20 year age difference Patch and I are the best of friends. Our relationship has always transcended that of brother and sister. We’ve never fought or gotten into the sibling rivalry. Well, actually we have got into fights, but I wasn’t over anything trivial like; Don’t ever touch my stuff without asking. Were you in my room, what did you take? And other stupid stuff like that.

Patch is the coolest, smartest, funniest, and one of the most successful people I’ve ever met. I don’t just adore my brother as I’ve stated in a pervious entry, I worship him. Ok, I admit that’s a bit extreme, but it’s mostly true. He’s my hero, my role model, and I want to be just like him. Meaning I want to be someone who takes control of their lives and isn’t’ afraid of hat others might think of you when you do.

That’s easier said then down when it comes to me, though. I’m not good with confrontation, and I’m probably one of the shyest people you’ll ever meet. I’m trying to change that though, and maybe soon I’ll speak up for myself. Until then I’ll be speaking here.

Normally I’d say that Music: Then and Now in my bit of paradise, but really it’s were I can be myself without fearing what other people think. Basically, that’s wherever my big brother, Patch, can be found.


Anonymous said...

This post was better. Maybe it's because I just absorbed myself into it and tried to look at what your posts mean other than garbage about yet another girl within billions in the world.

About the music: I can see why people wanted you to change it. So you look up to your brother, ay? Interesting. Once again I found myself looking for a point to your Blog. I didn't find any but I realise something now...

Your Blog is about just you. It's not about a story. It has no point, like Napoleon Dynamite and 5cm/s. In a way I've gathered some sort of faded (fog?) respect for the stillness and simple ness of your Blog.

And about the people in your school. It sounds like you are surrounded by common people. Like real common people. I thought too low of you as another narcissistic person but compared again to the people around you, I guess you are somewhat a less dull gem within many, which is why you can only look at two slightly interesting people around you, your brother and yourself.

I still prefer to stay unknown to you.

I guess I'll leave you with a quote.

"The only way to achieve your goals is to shoot for something far beyond them."

--Raven-- said...

Drama, I know what that's like! Believe me, been there and done that. It sucks that you feel like you have to avoid your friends though. Do you go to a small school? If your school has only 100 people I could unserstand why your stuck with friends you don't like too much, but if there are other people out there you should try to make some more friends! Anyway, I could go on about this forever. It's a good thing you seem to have a stable big brother that you get along with. I enjoyed reading that post, it kept my interest for the most part. I'm Raven by the way, I have two blogs. Teen Books For Girls and Ask Raven. If you want to visit one or talk to me just check out my profile:

Anyway, see you around the net. Wow, that sounded weird.