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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Perpetuating the Immaturity

The fact that high school guys still act like they’re in elementary school isn’t all their fault. The girls they choose to hang out with help them to stay grade schoolers forever.

I did my best to avoid Posie and the rest of my friends. Unfortunately, I have lunch with all three of the girls I’ve so nicely labeled friends. Out of all three of them Posie is definitely the easiest to get along with. I think the only reason that is, is because I’ve known her the longest, and she knows me the best. Knows me enough to know how not to piss me off. That doesn’t actually stop her from doing it though.

I had just got through the line with my food when I was intercepted by Posie and Dasha. “Your going to sit with us right, Tal?” Dasha asked as she giggled in hat high pitched way that makes your ears want to bleed.

“Of course Dash, who else would I sit with. My other friends?” my retort dripping with sarcasm.
Dasha stopped mid stride and my tray nearly missed her backside by an inch. “You have other friends?”

I was dumbfounded. I wasn’t sure exactly how to reply to that. Thankfully Posie beat me to it, “She was being sarcastic, Dash.”

“Oh, well in that case, never mind,” and we continued to our table. Katy was conveniently waiting for us all to come and join her.

I barely had the chance to sit down before Katy bombarded me with questions. “What the hell were you thinking, ,Tal? How could you turn him down? Why wouldn’t you want to go out with him? Like every girl wants to go out with him”

I had a mouth full of mashed potatoes when Katy finished her ranting. I could fell three pairs of eyes boring into me. “What?” I mumbled genuinely confused.

“He asks you out and you just ignore him. What were you thinking?” now it was Dasha’s turn.

I looked to Posie, “Do you have any idea what these two idiots are talking about? Cause I have no idea?”

“We are not idiots,” Katy and Dasha chirped at the same time.

Posie tried to stile a laugh, “Of course your not. It’s just more of Talbot’s sarcasm,” she emphasized the last word as she looked at me.

She really did know me so well. “Yep just more sarcasm. Now is someone going to tell me what the inquisition’s all about?”

“Inquisition?” Dasha honest to God didn’t know what it was. I ignored her and continued to stare at Katy.

Posie spoke up first, “Think about it, Tal, yesterday.”

I looked over to Posie then turned back to Katy, “You couldn’t possibly be talking about Douglas?”

“Who else would I be talking about?” Katy purred. (I’m not shitting you that’s how she said it.)
“He asked you to go out with him and you turned him down. I wouldn’t have.”

Thinking back to the conversation I had yesterday I wanted so badly to say to her, ‘No shit’, but I restrained myself. “Katy, Douglas didn’t so much as ask me out as offer to have sex with me. I wouldn’t go out with anyone who thinks he can get sex before we even go on a first date.”

Final words of my so-called-friends:

Katy, “Your lose”

Posie, “You’re a role model. For girls who don’t want to have fun.”

Dasha, “But really, what’s the inquisition?”


The Mighty Beluga said...

cool the way you write it makes me feel like im reading a novel. should i be worried you call your friends "so-called"

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with your Blog as in how you write or anything. But, you just explain the bullet points of your day that you personally find interesting.

I find myself bored by it. I used to write like that too but grew tired of it and realised myself, how much no one you don't know cares about it. Very little.

So, try and give us more narration than a person's stereotypical one-liners and long listed conversations that lead to nothing very compelling.

If you explain to us what your emotion is at the time, and what the situation means to you, it might be cool. Even then only post when something with a point has happened. I used to Blog like this so I wont go too hard on ya. So now, try and get to a point and post only when something interesting has happened that we can ALL learn from than stating the obvious of most common people which seem to surround you.

Then again, maybe you don't have the intelligence or uniqueness to do such a thing, as you seem very self though out and almost... narcissistic.

j.elliot said...

one starving musician came by after kicking anonymous' ass to say: I like it. Throw in some pics to break up the text, it'll do wonders.


Kat said...

...I'm so glad my school isn't like that.