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Monday, September 10, 2007

What On Earth Was She Thinking

Dasha in her infinite wisdom decided to start a slam book. If you don’t remember what those are, they get passed around school for kids to anonymously tell others what they really think about them. She says she decided to start one because, over the weekend, Katy’s older sister told her about how she made one in high school. After hearing how Samantha had so much fun trashing on others Dasha decided she just had to it too.

“Oh, come on Dash what are you 5? You shouldn’t care what other people think about you. And you shouldn’t writhe nasty things about others just because you can,” I was in full on lecture mode.

“Tal has a point,” Posie, for some unknown reason, had taken my side. “If that gets passed around school others are just going to make up horrible lies about everyone else.”

“That’s half the fun, girls,” of course Katy was taking Dasha’s side. Katy has no problem spreading rumors, hell she already does.

I remember back in the third grade when Katy’s family first moved out here. She was so afraid that no one would like her she made up rumors about people to get attention. She instantly became popular among the other third graders. Quite the reverse happened for those who were being lied about.

Like me. She told everyone that I didn’t know how to read, and that I’d only been pretending. Despite the fact that it was a horrendous lie (I was reading at an 8th grade level by then) everyone was believing it.

I seemed as if no matter what I said or did no one believed me, and everyone tormented me over it. That was until Katy found me crying in the girls bathroom. She felt so bad that she immediately told our classmates that she had made it all up and I really could read. After apologizing, several times, we started to become friends. I still haven’t figured out why Katy did all that for me back then, seeing as I was the only one she felt bad for. Maybe it was because I was the only one she found crying over it? Or maybe she just wanted to be my friend? I have no idea why she would’ve wanted to be my friend, but she did and now 7 years were still friends. Even though she drives me crazy to no end.

Anyway, I just know this slam book of Dasha’s is going to be just as much trouble as Katy’s stories were back in grade school. Honestly I don’t want to know what the population of my high school thinks about me, but I know Katy and Dasha will be the first ones to tell me when they find out. I don’t know what the hell Dasha was thinking when she thought this would be a good idea, but what I do know is that her idea’s have never turned out well. So, I ask you why would this one be any different? I hope it is, but who would I be kidding it’s Dasha.

My final thought: Slam Books are the root of all evil.


Anonymous said...

In a way, Blogs can be seen as Slam books considering the comments, and of course, what YOU think about other people. You don't want to hear what your school thinks of you, but you don't mind people from far away countries who you have never met.

About your friend there, she sounds like an attention seeker and gossip-clown. I'd say take no part in the Slam Book as you already have one right here and another is not needed, unless you want to see if anyone is attracted to you... if that's what they put in Slam Books too...

I still prefer to stay unknown to you.

Kyle said...

Or you could only talk about the nice things about people.

"You've got to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives"


poppyseedmuffin said...

I hate girls like Katy...

Anonymous said...

ive never experienced a slam book, i dont know if they really exist in england, but im guessing its a bit like the book in Mean Girls, in which case, cud anything get more pointless?
yes we all bitch sometimes, we all say nasty things about people when we get annoyed, but we dont really mean half of it and this is just going to upset everybody.

i wish you luck in dealing with it.

Anonymous said...

Being in year 6 I have never experienced a slam book.They definetly sound like the root of all evil and I hope I don`t experience a slam book when I go to high school.I don`t see why Dasha wants to write one, I hate bitching. Katy sounds horrible.I wonder if shes seen mean girls.I think all bitchers should watch it and get some ideas from it so they can see how to behave!(if you think that sounds childesh remember I`m in year 6.)

bRaT said...

Slam books come in a variety of forms... the most popular ones.. well, really, the ones i like are the ones where the person just fills stuff about themselves so that you can remember em... i know it's a complete perversion of the idea of a "slam" book... but I'd take this any day...