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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Loss of a Drummer

I found myself at my brother’s store today after school. Patch and his three best friends, band mates, where crowded around the register. They were all sad, mad, and a bit depressed.

I joined them over by the register, “Hey guys, what’s wrong?”

“Sully, the bastard, is leaving us,” Patch said.


“Yeah, Karen and I are going to be moving to California,” Sully replied. (Karen is Sullivan’s wife.)

“California? What could possibly be in California?” I asked him.

“Better job and better money, sweetheart.”

“What about the band, Sully?” the band couldn’t break up like this.

“That’s what we said,” Van added.

“I’m sorry guys,” despite the fact that he was the one leaving he did seem really upset about it. “This is something I have to do. Besides I won’t be leaving for another month. I promise I’ll help you boys find a new drummer. We’ll find you guys someone absolutely amazing.”

“We’ll never be able to find someone as good as you, man,” Jake kind of sounded heartbroken.

They decided to start holding auditions for a new drummer next Saturday. We’ll see how well that goes, (Who knows what kind of psychos will turn out) Of course I pointed out to my brother that unless he hired someone who can work weekends there was no way he could hold auditions and be at them as well.

Now while the band is trying to find a drummer who can live up to Sully’s legacy Patch is going to be trying to find someone who can work at the store on weekends. It’s harder then it seems seeing as how my brother and his band mates are still the ones who have to do it.


thoughtsforapenny said...

My boyfriend's band recently lost their drummer. It is a really sad thing, especially when everyone loves them. But, the new drummer will probably rock too, though they might not be as awesome as the original. Things change and it sucks but thats the way life is.

k. said...

sooo i just thought you'd like to know that your blog is highly addictive, its so nice to see a real teen other than myself writing about real life :)

k. said...

crap. i just posted a comment and i dont know if it got deleted or not...? anyway. basically what was said was i like your blog haha